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Main Esque Takeaways:

  • Esque is an adjective suffix that’s used to show likeness. It means resembling, similar to, reminiscent of, in the style of, or having a quality of.
  • In the same way that you can attach like to words, you can use esque to create descriptive words to express yourself best (tissue-like fabric; tissue-esque fabric).
  • When added to a noun, this suffix creates an adjective that describes a place, person, or object that has a similarity to the noun.
  • Add this versatile suffix to just about any noun, including proper nouns (Someone who reminds you of Victor could be Victor-esque).
  • You don’t usually need hyphens when adding esque to a noun, but you can make the stylistic choice to use them.
  • Words with this ending such as arabesque and burlesque can also be nouns.
  • Esque should not be confused with the similar Spanish phrase es que.
  • ⚠️ Watch Out! It’s best to use words ending in esque sparingly. Challenge yourself to explore synonyms and incorporate them into your growing vocabulary.

The family picnicked by old mill because it had such a picturesque view of the stream. It was so perfect; it might have been a painting hanging on the wall.

Her husband was such a terrible cook that she jokingly started calling all bad food Melvin-esque in his honor.

Maeve practiced for months before she could execute the arabesque.

Esque is a suffix we use to show likeness. It transforms a noun into an adjective that we can then use to describe a person, place, or object that’s similar to the noun. This comprehensive guide covers the meaning of esque and how to use this suffix to create strong comparisons and an elegant tone.

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What Does Esque Mean at the end of a Word?

When you add esque to the end of a word, it creates an adjective, or a descriptive word. In turn, this tells you that something is like the word esque is attached to. For example, a picturesque view is a view that looks like a picture. Therefore, this adjective suffix means resembling, in the style of, like, reminiscent of, similar to, or having a quality of.

📝 Esque Means:

  • Like
  • Resembling
  • In the style of
  • Reminiscent of
  • Similar to
  • Having a quality of

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard a woman referred to as a statuesque beauty or a view described as picturesque. To better answer the question of what it means if something is esque, try substituting like for esque. Statuesque now becomes statue-like and picturesque becomes picture-like.

How do you Spell Esque?

Spell esque as E-S-Q-U-E. It means like or in the style of. Attach this suffix to the end of practically any noun to describe things with custom adjectives.

Much to his girlfriend’s dismay, Maxwell bought every Tolkien-esque item he could find to add to his ever-growing collection of fantasy memorabilia.

How do you Pronounce Esque?

Correctly pronounce the suffix esque first by saying the letter ‘S‘ immediately followed a hard ‘K‘ sound (like at the end of the word ask). In fact, imagine you are saying “ask” but replace the ‘a‘ with an ‘e.’ The hard ‘K‘ sound should abruptly stop the smooth flow of the ‘S‘ sound.

How do you use Esque?

Since esque means “like” or “resembling,” use the suffix sparingly to create descriptive words that show one thing resembles another. First, pick a noun or a proper noun. Second, add esque to the end of the word in the same way you would use like (animal like; animalesque). You can add a hyphen, but you don’t have to. However, if the noun ends in a vowel, help maintain clarity by adding a hyphen before esque (Angora like; Angora-esque). When used correctly, this suffix helps create strong comparisons and a refined tone.

What’s more, it can also help better demonstrate your writing personal style and creativity.

How Do You Use Esque?

  1. Use it to create custom adjectives that show that one thing resembles another.
  2. Add it to the end of virtually any noun or proper noun to create an adjective able to describe a place, an object, or a person.
  3. It should take the form of the noun + esque (without any spacing between the two).
  4. You don’t need to use a hyphen, but you can for personal style.
  5. Use it rarely. Overusing it may seem unimaginative or repetitive. Worse, this may even make your work hard to read.
  6. Be careful of being redundant. If a word already is an adjective that means “resembling,” adding esque is overkill. Similarly, if a word already contains esque, don’t add like (grotesque-like)

When no preexisting adjective will do, this versatile suffix may be exactly what you need to create a brand-new word. It’s considered the do-it-yourself suffix because you can pair it with pretty much any noun, including a proper noun.

The newly formed word is an adjective that describes a place, an object, or a person that embodies or demonstrates a quality of the noun.

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Examples Using Esque to Create DIY Adjectives

Genevieve loved the glamour of the silver screen and couldn’t resist anything that she deemed Hollywoodesque.

The dog would only eat human food and would turn his nose up at anything even remotely kibble-esque.

Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about romance. I’ve seen every Hallmark-Channel-esque movie ever made.

To Hyphenate or not to Hyphenate

Established words with this ending such as picturesque or statuesque don’t require a hyphen. In fact, you can add esque to just about any noun without including a hyphen and it would be grammatically correct.

However, a hyphen also isn’t incorrect and including one is typically considered a matter of style.

A hyphen may also be added to indicate to a reader that a particular DIY esque word won’t be found in a dictionary. Although the hyphen makes it no more or less legitimate, it can be helpful in this regard.

She thought the movie was Spielbergesque and loved all the amazing special effects.

She thought the movie was Spielberg-esque and loved all the amazing special effects.

How not to use Esque

Never use this suffix with redundant suffixes such as like.

The creature’s skin had a slimy appearance that was really quite grotesque-like.

The creature’s skin had a slimy appearance that was really quite grotesque.

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It’s also important to use esque adjectives sparingly, as overuse can sound awkward and stilted.

The statuesque model posed on a bench overlooking a picturesque field of wildflowers.

The statuesque model posed on a bench overlooking a beautiful field of wildflowers.

Is Esque Formal?

Adding the suffix esque to a word can make it sound more formal. For example, the word “romanesque” has a taste of formality that’s clearly absent in both “roman-ish” and “roman-like.

However, using esque is also acceptable in informal settings. That’s because you can combine the word with an adjective or noun to coin a new term. For example:

We arrived late because of Jack’s snail-esque driving.

Jim has a hint of a Sinatra-esque swagger.

While it’s optional, it’s always a good idea to include hyphens in coined terms. That way, readers will know that the word probably doesn’t exist in any dictionary.

Common -Esque Words

Although words featuring this suffix aren’t always used in everyday conversation or writing, there are several common variations that most will find familiar.

Here is a list of common (and less common) words ending in esque:

  • Statuesque
  • Grotesque
  • Burlesque
  • Arabesque
  • Gigantesque
  • Romanesque
  • Picturesque
  • Carnivalesque
  • Dantesque

Probably because she was tall and willowy, the actress was often described as statuesque.

Some people said the gargoyles were grotesque, but he thought they were beautiful.

The arched doorways gave his home a Romanesque vibe.

PRO Tip: When in doubt, substitute like for esque.

He angled his desk to take advantage of the picturesque view of the winding stream outside the office window.

He referred to exceptional horror novels as King-esque, since they reminded him of his favorite author, Stephen King.

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Can a Word Ending in Esque be a Noun?

Yes! Several words that end in esque are actually nouns.

  • Arabesque: Arabesque is a ballet term that refers to a position in which the body is supported on one leg. The other leg is extended backward.
  • Burlesque: Burlesque is a style of drama or literature marked by caricature or irony.

The little girl was amazed at how much flexibility ballerinas required to hold an arabesque.

The teenage couple were turned away from the burlesque because it was adults-only.

Can a Word Ending in Esque be a Verb?

In cases such as burlesque, the suffix esque may also help form a verb. For instance, as a verb, burlesque means to imitate in a humorous or mocking way. However, words with this ending are usually adjectives since this suffix typically transforms a noun into a descriptive word, or adjective.

The show aimed to burlesque the president’s coarse mannerisms.

What Does Esque Mean in French?

The Esque suffix comes to English by way of French. The word’s etymology has roots in the Medieval Latin -iscus, which later found its way into Italian as -esco. That eventually became -esque in French, meaning like or in the manner of. It subsequently took on a similar meaning in English and is still used in written and spoken language. In French, as in English, you say something is –esque, meaning it’s similar to the noun it’s attached to.

What Does Es Que Mean?

Some mistakenly may confuse the suffix esque with a two-word Spanish phrase that uses the same letters, es que. Es que has several translations, which vary by context, its place in a sentence, and whether it’s used as an idiom. Es que may translate to:

  • is that
  • it’s that
  • it happens that
  • the thing is

Spanish: Tengo que tomar una prueba, pero es que no me apetece.

English Translation: I have to take a quiz, but the thing is, I just don’t feel like it.

What Does Picturesque Mean in English?

If you ask someone to name a word ending in esque, picturesque is likely the first one that comes to mind. Often used to describe scenery, the word picturesque indicates visual attractiveness in a way that’s charming, quaint, or suitable for artwork. It may be used to describe prose that’s striking and creates a vivid mental image. This word may also refer to a person or object that’s pleasing or interesting to the eye.

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Enchanted by its rows of flowering dogwood trees, visitors described the little country road as picturesque time and time again.

He knew she was an experienced writer because she used picturesque language to effectively set the scene throughout the novel.

She stood by herself on the sidewalk, looking picturesque in a brightly colored scarf and matching hat.

Synonyms for Picturesque

Because esque words should be used sparingly in written English, knowing synonyms for picturesque can be helpful. Similar and substitutable words include:

  • Scenic
  • Beautiful
  • Quaint
  • Charming
  • Pleasant
  • Arresting
  • Colorful
  • Artistic
  • Vivid
  • Pretty
  • Striking

They drove through the countryside community, which was a picturesque blend of winding roads, gentle streams, and colorful flowers.

They drove through the countryside community, which was a charming blend of winding roads, gentle streams, and colorful flowers.

An online thesaurus is a great resource for finding other appropriate synonyms for picturesque (or other esque words).

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What Does Esq. Mean in law?

The abbreviation esq. is short for esquire, the honorary title for practicing attorneys in the U.S. In English law, Esq. is also used as a title but it means something else; Instead, it signifies a rank that’s higher than a gentleman but directly below a knight. There’s no direct relationship between esque and Esq. The only similarities between these two are the close spellings and the fact that they both tend to come at the end of a proper noun.

Her business card read “Holly Thomas, Esq. of Greater Seattle”.

Like many other suffixes, this versatile tool can be used to add variety and style to your writing and speech. If you use a light hand and a savvy eye, these five letters can help you define strong comparisons and create adjectives where none existed before.

Do you Know how to use -Esque Properly now? Let’s Test Your Knowledge

Esque Question #1

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Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is D. The suffix "-esque" means resembling, reminiscent of, similar to, or having a quality of.

Esque Meaning Question #2

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Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is TRUE. You can pair it with any noun in this form: noun + esque.

Esque Question #3

Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is C. "-esque" should never be used in conjunction with a redundant suffix such as "like".

Esque Definition Question #4

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Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is A. The suffix "-esque" means “similar to”.

Esque Question #5

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What -Esque Means & the key to using it Effectively – INK Blog (9)

Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is D. "Picturesque" can also refer to a person or object that's pleasing or interesting to the eye.

Esque Question #6

What -Esque Means & the key to using it Effectively – INK Blog (10)

Correct!Oops! That's incorrect.

The answer is B. "Dull" is the opposite of "picturesque".

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This fact, when coupled with increasing regulatory requirements for companies in the healthcare and financial services industries, credit card security requirements and breach notification laws in most jurisdictions (including the State of Tennessee), has brought long-overdue focus on the protection of sensitive data.. Information security is about identifying, measuring and managing the business risk related to confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets to a level an organization can accept.. Your organization’s security program should be based on a security “framework,” a set of published security guidelines that can be used as a baseline upon which risk decisions are made.. All of these innocent mistakes can lead to a loss or compromise of sensitive data for an organization, and, therefore, might require a public acknowledgment of breach by the company.. Finally, many of the security laws in effect today provide a company safe harbor against having to acknowledge a breach when the company has encrypted the data on the system, so organizations should strongly consider implementing encryption on endpoints to protect sensitive data.. Another high-risk security issue that should be evaluated is the security of third parties responsible for storing, processing or transmitting data on your behalf.. These free services do not provide any guarantee of security over the data stored on the service, and your organization cannot be sure sensitive data pushed to one of these “cloud-based” services won’t be seen by unauthorized individuals.. Also, you should establish a vendor management process to ensure all third parties who store, process or transmit data on behalf of your organization have a contractual obligation to apply an appropriate degree of security to your data and that they periodically provide evidence (such as a Service Organization Control report) confirming their controls are in place and functioning.

Efficient Use of Time : Often times, the teacher is busy managing a few students and in return, is not able to manage the entire class.. Consistency in the Class: With smart classroom management strategies, teachers can inculcate consistent habits within the student.. Positive Class Environment : A positive class environment ensures that a student works productively and shares his opinion openly in the classroom.. Without effective classroom management strategies, introvert students will not feel comfortable to speak up in front of the class.. Effective classroom management strategies also help students to build positive relations with their classmates.. With efficient classroom management strategies, teachers can create a productive classroom and ensure that the time spent inside the classroom is educational.. Let Students Contribute in Building Guidelines : Before starting a semester, teachers can start a discussion by asking students what they think should be made a rule.. Punishment can hurt your relationships with the students affecting all other classroom management strategies.. Invite real-life influencers. to the classroom Take your class to the field. trip Simulate real-life situations Ask your students to work as a. team on solving a tangible, real-world problem Involve your students in. community work Discuss their responsibilities. in different roles within the society, such as, their responsibilities as a. citizen, as a team player, as a sports captain, etc.. And during a distraction,. not only the teacher and the student, but the whole class gets distracted.. There are cases when the student ends up discussing his or her thoughts with another students, hence causing a distraction for the whole class.. These classroom. management skills will not only help the teachers to manage a class, but also. prove to be detrimental factors in the life of students after school.

Where to Use Keywords in an Article Introduction Knowing that Google scrutinizes the first 200 words of a blog post, it’s very important to make sure that you put your primary keyword within the first sentence or paragraph, if at all possible, without sacrificing the quality of the content.. This means your primary keyword should live in all the most important places, your secondary keywords next, and then any other additional keywords after that.. Use Stop Words in Awkward Keyword Phrases One way to help you write keywords more naturally is to utilize “ Stop Words ” in your keyword writing.. Secondary and Additional keywords, however, shouldn’t be in the article more than your primary keyword.. Whatever your baseline is for using your primary keyword in your content, decrease by about 25% for secondary and another 25% for additional keywords for SEO.. Adding keywords to headings in content may be the single best way to try and rank for multiple keywords.. How to Use Keywords in Heading 2s (H2s) Heading 2s, or H2s, are where you can do the bulk of inserting important keywords.. SEO Pro Tip: Do NOT use your primary keyword (or variation of it) in anchor text that is linking to another page unless you’ve completely given up hope of ranking for that keyword on that page.. How to Use SEO Keywords in Alt Tags In terms of keyword usage, using your keywords in an image alt-tag can help it to be shown during image searches.. Last, but not least, when it comes to adding keywords to your website, you should always try to put your primary keyword in the main page URL of the article you’ve written.. Based on a study we did here at BKA Content, analyzing around 60 posts over a 6 month period, the posts we had with a keyword as a part of the page URL were overwhelmingly ranking for that exact keyword, where posts that didn’t have the targeted keyword in the URL did not.

When an author wishes to visually differentiate between thoughts and dialogue, thoughts are often put in italics, especially when the phrase passing through the character’s head is not preceded or followed by the phrase “so-and-so thought.” In second and third person, italics are usually necessary (without the “so-and-so thought”).. As a reader, writer, and editor, I prefer the certainty of italics, but I also acknowledge whether or not italics are used for thoughts is up to the author.. If an author wants to use a word or phrase from another language that does not appear in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word or phrase should be in italics.. Putting the foreign words in italics tells readers that the words are actually foreign, not just terms they might be unfamiliar with.. If a text is filled with italics because a quarter of the words are foreign, there is a good chance only readers proficient in both the primary language and second language will be able to follow the story.

By the way, the card you’ve just seen is one of the “Basic” Card Types.. This means you can create and create several cards without having to worry about putting Tags in every single time—that’s pretty handy.. This card below is the one I make.. Then, after creating a free account, head over to Anki settings by clicking on Tools>Preferences or by pressing Ctrl + P on your Anki window.. It’s probably because most of your cards are mature enough and/or you really have few cards in your deck.

How easy is it to integrate Inking into your app?. You’ll learn how to implement these new capabilities in your Windows app and how they will improve your users’ experience.. There are three built-in Windows Ink experiences always available at the tip of your thumb – if you click your pen, the Windows Ink Workspace will appear.. Windows Ink Workspace provides access to the Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen sketch apps, which were all built using the XAML Ink Canvas.. Sticky Notes, as you might expect, lets you write reminders to yourself and place them on your desktop.. Best of all, it’s all together in one document rather than spread out between multiple drawing apps and writing apps.. Then you can add comments such as the date the picture was taken – for instance, a picture of a whiteboard that you need to save before someone erases it.. For our insurance adjuster, taking a picture of a whiteboard is probably going to not be that helpful.. She can take pictures and make notes all at the same time while the information and the observations are all fresh.. One line of XAML lights up the capabilities of Windows Ink in your app.. In both cases, whether you are performing direct manipulations with a pen or your fingers, you can rest your palms on the drawing surface just as you would with pen and paper.. Making technology appear natural takes a lot of work – being natural ain’t easy – and a lot of things are happening at the same time.

Delegation allows you to move from what you can do personally to what you can manage.. The first step in learning how to delegate is to think through the job.. Be sure that the person you delegate the task to is capable of doing the job.. Delegate effectively to the right person.. Delegate the entire job.. You need to delegate in such a way that people walk away feeling, ‘‘This is my job; I own it.’’. When you learn how to delegate effectively with a few staff members, you will soon be given more people to delegate to, plus greater responsibilities, as a result of your delegation and effective management skills.. There are several ways that you can become more effective at delegating and outsourcing, or hiring other people to do parts of your work so that you can do the parts of your job that pay the most.. Ask the question, “Who can do this job instead of you?” Remember, you have to delegate everything possible in order to have enough time to do those few things that are most important.. You should ask, “Who can do this job better than me?” One of the characteristics of effective managers and successful leaders is that they have the ability to find people who are superior to them in specific tasks.. One of the great time wasters in the world of work is delegating the task to the wrong person.. The rule is that you never delegate an important task to a person who has not performed that task satisfactorily in the past.. It is unfair to expect a person who has not done a job before to perform at a sufficient level of quality when they are given the job for the first time.. Once you have selected the right person for the job, take the time discuss the job with that person and agree upon what must be done.. This is the only way that you can be sure that the other person actually understands the job or assignment that they have been delegated to accomplish.

Researching the right keywords, expressions, tags and hashtags is more essential than ever.. The tag functions within the website, and can link the information about “bicycle helmet” to related categories such as “bicycle safety” and “helmet design.” Since the video is about wearing a helmet, using “helmet design” as a keyword is not valid.. Both tags and hashtags play their role in the SEO of your website and content, because they are strongly related to the core keywords your website and organization are based on.. Use it for: finding co-occurring words (i.e. what people relate to your categories) and finding out word popularity.. Twitter: to categorize Pinterest: to brand, and be specific (tags are only clickable in pin descriptions) Instagram: to build community, and be unique/detailed Google+: to categorize; autogenerates tags based on what it thinks your post is most relevant to Tumblr: to categorize interests, can be specific and general (has a “track your tags” feature) Facebook: sort of a hashtag fail – if your audience is very business-minded, follow Twitter rules; if it is community-oriented, follow Pinterest/Instagram rules WP tags: to label; must be an internal navigational aid on the website

You can also link to, or upload, six examples of your work to make your profile sparkle.. LinkedIn enables you to network with people and professional organizations in your industry.. You can also introduce any two LinkedIn connections who haven't yet connected to one another, but who might benefit from doing so.. Your connections can write "recommendations" for your profile, and offer "endorsements" of your skills, and you can do the same in return.. This can be a great way to develop your professional network.. But make sure that your post is useful, informative and relevant to your professional connections.. Tip: Adding hashtags to your posts can help your content to reach more users.. Contact and connect.

Hashtags were first widely used on Twitter , but they have become commonplace on other social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.. It’s used within a post on social media to help those who may be interested in your topic to be able to find it when they search for a keyword or particular hashtag.. With this strategy, people who are not your fans or followers can still find your content.. Using them only makes a difference in your social media strategy when done the right way.. Hashtags are important on social media as they enable your content to be found by the right people.. The chances are you have a good idea who the influencers are that are capturing the attention of your audience, but if you are brand new to a niche, how do you find them?. Hashtagify .me is a tool that allows you to search for popularity and trends of hashtags.. Remember to search for keywords related to your content on social platforms to see what hashtags come up.. Ultimately, it helps users to find relevant content easily across platforms so your content is discoverable to a wider (or niche) audience.. The use of hashtags on Twitter will make your post accessible when people search for your tag.. For even more impact on this platform, research trending hashtags.. The use of hashtags on LinkedIn can get your posts in front of people outside your network.. Using hashtags on Instagram can increase reach and drive engagement.. Hashtags are a great way to help people find your content based on keywords on Pinterest.. Like the other social platforms, using hashtags on TikTok helps to increase reach and helps the TikTok algorithm to decide which users see your content on the all-important ‘For You’ page.

Rather than promoting the link shortening service, using your own domain promotes your brand — and utilizes the precious space in social media posts or bios to make an impression on your audience.. So how does a brand do that?. The bio in Instagram includes a website field in your user profile options.. Businesses and content creators on Instagram usually use their single website link to direct followers to click first on their profile from their post and then click on the link underneath their page’s name.. But following the same guidelines, brands and businesses can still use short links to maximize engagement with their followers by using a BL.INK branded short link in their bio.

What Is Email Communication?. Email (or e-mail) communication can be defined as the exchange of short informational messages between at least two people over a computer network.. Before you even start composing an email, you need to make sure that the email channel is a fine choice for the message you want to send.. Aliquam nec nunc eu diam facilisis sagittis.. Proin vel nunc nec nulla aliquam vehicula ut sit amet ligula.. Sending an email to the wrong recipient is one of the most common mistakes in email communication.. First and foremost, the names of the attached files are to correspond with the email’s overall message (so when you send an invitation, the document included in your email should present the actual invitation and not an image of a cat) and the content of the attached files.. Therefore, naming attachments with randomly chosen letters, words or numbers simply doesn’t make sense.

But what exactly is edtech?. Education technology — or edtech — is any form of digital learning, application, online or mobile learning platform, software or device available for the modern learning environment.. Want to see how modern edtech is helping teachers enhance their learning practices in the classroom?. Learn how VR is being used in the modern classroom and why it is engaging pupils like never before.. Used responsibly, devices in the home can also foster positive and educational use of technologies, integrating edtech with home tech.. BYOD allows pupils to access education apps and resources Pupils are more motivated to work with their own devices BYOD encourages pupils to be more organised BOYD fosters a sense of responsibility and self-motivation Pupils are encouraged to continue to learn at home. Edtech is bringing positive pedagogical experiences to UK schools; digital literacy, collaborative learning and improving engagement across schools.


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