Find $300 To $500 A Month Motel Near Me | Cheap Monthly Motels (2023)

$300 – $500 A Month Motel Near Me Extended Stay

Weekly, Monthly, or Extended Stay hotels and motels have motel rooms with kitchenettes or kitchens.

With flexible space, spacious accommodations and weekly and monthly discounts, you save around 30% to 70% on each stay.

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Find Under $500 A Month Motel Near Me

When traveling on vacation, business, or even holiday with family or friends; extended-stay hotels offer more for your money.

The extended stay hotels listed here come with kitchenettes. They have affordable weekly rates for accommodations with amenities. The spacious living room helps you feel at home and act like you are at home.

Get affordable weekly motels near me rates.

A flexible space where you can use the space the way you want. Taste, a wide range of additional services and many other benefits for long-term motel stays to help you stay healthy.

$500 A Weekly Motel Near Me

Finding the perfect $500 weekly motel near me room with a kitchenette, breakfast, business center, gym, laundry service, Wi-Fi or even a pool just got easier.

We will place you at a hotel where it will be a simple click to find extended stay hotels near me. You can choose from the best rates per night, per week, per month, pet-friendly hotels and a huge list of brands.

  1. $300 a month motel near me
  2. $400 monthly motel near me
  3. $800 a month motels rooms
  4. $700 a month motel near me
  5. Hotels that rent by the month near me
  6. Cheap monthly motels near me
  7. $900 monthly motel near me
  8. $300 a month motel with a kitchenette
  9. Super 8 motel monthly rates
  10. Cheap motel near me low rates rent rooms

Look near industrial parks, hospitals, construction sites, city centers, new developments, corporate districts, business districts, or even residential areas for long-term projects.

Helping healthcare professionals, sales professionals, consultants, freelancers, independent. The longer you stay, the more you save on $500 a month motel weekly room.

Best Extended Stay Hotel Brands With Weekly and Monthly Rates

  • Extended Stay America
  • Studio 6
  • Crossland Economy Studios
  • Candlewood Suites
  • Homewood Suites
  • MainStay Suites
  • WoodSpring Suites
  • Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham
  • Element By Westin
  • Suburban Lodge

Why Choose To Stay At Monthly Motels?

Hotels with extended stay facilities usually provide larger rooms. This is to keep you comfortable for long periods of time.

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Whether you need to stay on vacation, on a corporate trip, or just for one night, the right extended stay motel offers all the amenities.

This includes an in-room kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, and cooking utensils. You can prepare your favorite meal with ease.

Other extended-stay hotel amenities include a business center, gym, swimming pool, meeting room and laundry facilities.

Weekly $300 Motels Near Me

Sometimes referred to as long-stay hotels or apartment motels, these places could be the answer to your housing needs.

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If you’re new to an area, only moving there temporarily, have a low income and can’t afford your own $300 to $500 a month motel apartment.

If Your creditworthiness is threatened with eviction and your housing applications are constantly being denied.

It can be tempting to check out the roommate’s section on Craigslist. But living with someone you don’t know can be awkward and unsafe.

  • Cheap $300 motels near me
  • Motel 6 near me
  • Motels near me under $50
  • Cheap motels near me under $40
  • Extended stay motels near me
  • Cheap motels near me under $30 to $60

You can also forget about crashing at a friend or family member. You can tire your reception very quickly – you don’t want to cramp someone else’s style.

You have your privacy when you stay in a weekly $400 to $300 motel near me. You won’t be a burden to anyone, and there’s nothing like having your “own place” to sleep after a long day at work.

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Low Monthly Rates For Temporary Housing For Homeless

The longer you stay, the less you pay. Guests who book for 28 nights or more save 50% on average on their daily room rate.

Fully furnished suites and amenities make you feel right at home. You might be traveling for work, moving to a new city, visiting family, renovating a home, or just need a place to stay for a while.

There are weekly motels near me in the seediest places that will only cost you $100 to $120 per week. And then there are beautiful extended stay cheap hotels near me that will cost you between $300 to $525 per week.

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However, Motel quality and $300 motel near me prices may vary from place to place.

A quick Google search for “extended stay motels near me” will bring up a map of your location with extended stay hotels nearby. Of course, you can also use travel sites like Travelocity or

How to Save More With Monthly Rates?

  • Find your destination online with a date range of 28+ nights.
  • Look for exclusive ‘Stay Longer & Save $500 month motel rates.
  • Prepay for the first 28 nights of your stay at check-in. Then pay every 28 nights for the remainder of your stay.
  • The price you see plus taxes and fees is the price you will pay. You see the discounted rate for stays of 28 nights or more.

Things to Consider Before Staying in a Weekly Motel Room

There is a trick to finding a weekly $500 a month motel apartment near your location. You need to find an extended stay hotel that is well maintained and affordable. A $500 a month motel would be a good option.

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As with almost everything in life, the more money you pay, the more quality you get.

Security (Neighborhood, security)

Please investigate. Check if there is a walking distance around the hotel. This is especially important if you don’t have your own car and need to buy groceries, go to work/school, etc. Also, check how secure the .

Does it have a history of burglary or other criminal activity?

Cheap motels and hotels are often located in confusing areas. Although the cheap $20 motel price may be attractive, consider your safety a top priority.


A cheap $500 a month motel may not have the best hygiene and health standards. Problems like bed bugs, roaches, mold and dirty furniture are not only deterrents, they can also lead to a range of health problems.

Take some time to read reviews from previous renters. If possible, check out the place to see if it’s bearable.

Convenience (close to restaurants, shopping, etc.)

Whatever your reason for staying at an extended stay cheapest motel near me, convenience is usually an important factor.

You may want to search for a place that is closest to your work, grocery stores, or other places you plan to visit frequently.

This is especially important if you don’t have access to a car. Being able to walk to the places you need to go can save you a lot of money on commuting.


Some contracts include free breakfast, housekeeping, free parking and access to facilities such as the fitness center and swimming pool.

Consider whether some of these are a necessity – or something you’re willing to spend a little extra for. Read the fine print carefully before $500 a month motel booking a stay to avoid surprise fees.

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Last conclusion

If you’re staying at an extended-stay hotel, you may qualify for low-income assistance programs. As such, you may get financial assistance to move into your own home.

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If you’ve reviewed most of the options in this guide and still can’t find anything that suits your needs, maybe it’s time to make a move. Do yourself a favor and at least check out the link below for the top 20 US cities with the lowest rents.

3 Reasons You Might Need an Extended Stay Hotel

You Are New to the Area

Being a long way from home, it may take a while to really get to know the area. Which parts of the city are the safest?

Which areas are most convenient (e.g. commuting to work, shopping, school, etc.)?

Instead of making decisions right away, staying in a hotel for the weekend can give you time to plan the best possible living situation for you.

You Only Need to Move Temporarily

Maybe you’re a business traveler temporarily relocating for work. Or maybe you’re just exploring a new area to see if you like it.

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Your stay might not be long enough to rent a rental apartment or house, and might not be short enough to book a hotel.

Long-term hotels offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for people who only need to relocate temporarily.

You Can’t Afford Expensive Moving Expenses

Moving into an apartment can be expensive. Even if you find affordable $500 a month motel housing.

You may still need to find the funds to pay upfront costs like a security deposit, the first month’s rent, and application and administration fees—right.

Frequently Asked Questions $300 Motel Near Me

What is the best way to find a $300 motel near me?

You can use search engines like Google or Bing to search for “Motels near me” or “Motels under $300 near me“. You can also use travel websites like Expedia or to search for affordable motels in your area.

How do I know if a $300 motel is safe and clean?

It’s important to do some research before booking a motel to ensure it’s safe and clean. You can read online reviews from previous guests.

Check the motel’s website or social media pages for photos and information about their cleaning protocols, or contact the motel directly to ask about their cleaning practices.

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Can I get a discount on a $300 motel?

It’s possible to get a discount on a $300 motel by using coupon codes or booking during off-peak seasons. You can also try negotiating with the motel directly to see if they offer any discounts or special rates.

What amenities can I expect at a $300 motel?

The amenities offered at a $300 motel will vary depending on the motel. Some motels may offer basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, parking, and air conditioning, while others may have additional amenities like a pool, fitness center, or continental breakfast.

Can I cancel my reservation at a $300 motel?

Most motels will have their own cancellation policies, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions before booking. Some motels may allow cancellations up to a certain date or offer flexible cancellation policies, while others may have stricter policies with fees or penalties for cancelling.

Is a Hotel Cheaper Than a Motel?

The score for a $300 motel near me and emergency motel vouchers for homeless.
Although motels are cheaper, you may want to spend the extra money and stay in a hotel in certain situations.

If you are looking for hotel amenities and comfortable vacations, hotels offer more luxurious accommodations. These include fast Wi-Fi, room service, fitness centers, and spas.

What is The Difference Between a Motel and an Inn?

A hotel is a building with a number of rooms, and corridors to reach them and usually has several levels.
A motel has 1-2 floors with rooms accessed via outside walkways near the parking lot. An inn is a smaller $500 a month motel accommodation that does not have “star ratings.”

Emergency Motel Vouchers For Homeless and $300 Motel Near Me Room Homestay.


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