Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (2022)

Moguls are the piles of snow that are more challenging than a normal slope. They are more fun to ski. Mogul skiing requires patience but also needs the right tools – it uses the special skis. Here are the best mogul skis 2022-2023 that can take your skiing to the whole new level.

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (1)


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Top Picks Mogul Skis for 2022 – 2023

#PictureSkisSize (cm)CoreTail TypeRocker Type
1Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (2)Armada Trace 98 Skis - Women's 2022156, 164, 172Metal, WoodPartial Twin TipRocker-Camber-RockerCheck Price
2Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (3)Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis 2022166, 173, 180, 187Carbon, Metal, WoodFlatRocker-Camber-RockerCheck Price
3Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (4)K2 244 Skis153, 163, 173WoodFlatCamberCheck Price

Best Mogul Skis 2022 – 2023

#1. Armada Trace 98 Skis – Women’sCheck Price
#2. Blizzard Brahma 82 SkisCheck Price
#3. K2 244 SkisCheck Price
#4. Nordica Enforcer 100 SkisCheck Price
#5. Blizzard Brahma 88 SkisCheck Price
#6. Armada ARV 84 SkiCheck Price
#7. K2 Mindbender 99Ti Skis
#8. Armada ARV 84 Ski

#1. Armada Trace 98 Skis – Women’s 2022

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (5)

The Armada Trace 98 Skis are a great choice for intermediate skiers who are looking for a pair of skis with a moderate flex rating. The skis are made out of wood to keep them lightweight without any compromise in power generation.

An adaptive mesh runs through the length of the skis and along the tips and underneath as well. The mesh filters out excess vibrations even if you are skiing over rough terrain without adding any extra weight to the skis. So, the skis stay stable and lightweight even over bumpy ice patches. Rubber and titanal are also used to further stabilize the skis and lessen the impact of sudden jolts.

The base of the skis is constructed out of Sintered UHMW polyethylene. Additional carbon attachments are fixed to the base to increase the durability of the skis and to provide a smoother skiing experience.

A heat-treated impact edge is also another special feature of the Armada skis. Its main purpose is to maintain the integrity of the skis and to ensure that they remain in good shape even after a good amount of usage.


  • Wooden core
  • Adaptive mesh
  • Rubber and titanal binding
  • Polyethylene base
  • Heat-treated impact edge

#2. Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis 2022

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (6)

Check Price

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Next on our list today are the Blizzard Brahma skis. The special characteristic of these skis is their unique carbon core technology. While the main core is made out of beech wood, a uni-directional carbon frame is incorporated into the core to make it even more lightweight than traditional skis.

The shape of the skis follows the classic RCR profile. The rocker shape of the tip and tail makes these skis manageable even for beginner skiers because this shape easily glides across powdery snow. The camber that makes up the middle part of the skis provides a stable foothold and does not slip even on packed snow. An anti-shock layer also runs through the skis to provide extra protection from sudden impacts over bumpy terrain.

The Blizzard skis have a sintered graphite base along with a sandwich compound sidewall. These features are what make these particular skis stand out from the crowd. The sandwich compound wall in particular is a game changer because it amplifies the power generation of these skis.


  • Carbon core
  • RCR rocker
  • Anti-shock layer
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall
  • Sintered Graphite Base

#3. K2 244 Skis 2022

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (7)

Finally let’s talk about the K2 244 skis that are built to provide superior performance in all terrains and snow conditions. The reason behind this versatility is the rocker design that is built to perform well over any terrain type no matter how rough and bumpy.

The all-terrain rocker design also has a long turning radius that measures 22 mm in length. This ensures that the skier can smoothly glide down steep mountain slopes. The long turning radius also makes skiing over powdery snow easy and effortless. This is why these skis are the go-to choice for veteran skiers.

The core of these skis is made out of a combination of fir and aspen chose for their power-enhancing qualities. The fir gives the skis the strength they need to remain stable while the lightweight aspen allows the skis to reach top speed in no time.

Three fiberglass strands wrap around the core to add more stability to the skis without reducing the flexibility of the wooden core. A DuraCap molding process increases the lifespan of the wooden core so these skis are not going to wear out anytime soon.


  • All-Terrain Rocker
  • Dual wood core
  • Fiberglass braid
  • DuraCap Construction
  • Long turning radius

#4. Nordica 2020 Enforcer 100 Skis

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (8)

To meet the advanced needs of the mogul skiing, these skis are well-equipped with all the amazing features.

Designed especially for the expert level skiers, the Enforcer 100 can take your all-mountain and freeride skiing to the whole new level. The performance and quality are exceptional and can enhance your skills diversely.

Enforcer 100 has all of its previous great characteristics but the graphics have been improved. All-terrain conditions can be faced easily. Whether you need to turn, or want to have a quick and smooth move, these skis listen to you every time.

(Video) What's the best Ski width for you?

With the rockered tips and tails, you don’t have to compromise any move. There’s also a chamber underfoot that locks you tight and helps you to glide easily on the snow. Even when you are at lower speeds, the ski’s precision and edge grip help you to have fun.

From moguls to bowls, these skis never disappoint. Availability of different sizes, dual metal lamination, and the wood core, all these things make these skis everyone’s favorite.

#5. 2020 Blizzard Brahma 88 Skis

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (9)

For those who want to explore the whole mountain on skis from the top to bottom, these skis are surely the best.

The Blizzard Brahma 88 skis have the 88 mm underfoot space so you can stay firm on the skis and slide smoothly on the snow. No matter what is type of terrain or snow, the versatility of these skis makes them work great in all.

The burly construction gives great stability to these skis, even the turnings are quick and smooth. It has its sweet spot in the middle which makes it super stable. No matter at which speed you go, you will remain comfortable because of the stability.

The strength is augmented by using a wood core having two Titanal sheets and also two fiberglass layers. The turn radius is variable and allows enjoying different maneuvers. The trees and moguls are not the hurdles as these skis can take the rapid turns. Even when you want to take the turn at the end time, you can rely on the Brahma 88 skis.

The 2020 Blizzard Brahma 88 is truly the versatile skis that come in different sizes and give the performance that you desire.

#6. Armada 2020 ARV 84 Ski

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (10)

Made specifically for the young skiers, these skis can improve their skills dramatically in no time.

Those who want to initiate the journey of all-mountain ripping, these skis with bindings are surely for them. They feature wood core, cap construction, and twin-tip shape. All these things provide them with the qualities they have.

Further, they have the multi-directional nature which gives them the characteristics like park riding or gliding in all kinds of mountain conditions,

To smoothly glide between the moguls, it has the turned-up tail that makes it simpler to make quick turns. Having this tail also stabilizes the balance and keeps you going without any hindrance.

These twin-tips skis have the poplar wood core gives it the pop and snap that leads to the energetic and springy feel at the time of skiing which makes it more fun. Furthermore, it has a combination of wood core with a cap construction that enhances the energy and quickness even more. The cap provides consistency to the ski and gives the same feel from the tip to the tail.

On the whole, these skis give the playful fun to the skiers that can take your experience to the whole new level.

#7. K2 2020 Mindbender 99Ti Skis

For the all-mountain performance, these K2 Mindbender 99 Ti skis are very fascinating in every aspect.

Developed keeping the special needs of the experts in mind, these skis are made to nail the mogul skiing. Featuring a penchant for the softer snow conditions, no terrain or condition can stop you from skiing.

(Video) 2023 Men's Frontside Ski Comparison with

Their advanced features give you the versatility and the fun that you need to achieve the maximum performance. It has the 99m underfoot that keeps the snow intact under your feet. It also makes it tapered enough to face the turns on the groomers with confidence.

The width is just right; when it comes to transitioning to front-side ski or a powder ski, it is not a problem at all. These skis stay in the middle and don’t hinder the performance at all. These skis come with bindings that give everything in the hands of the skier. Having the Titanal Y-beam, the power is distributed perfectly to the regions where it is needed the most.

The tail features metal tapers to the middle that gives plenty of room to the edges to allow the performance that a skier desires. All these setups make these skis the perfect all-mountain skis for diverse conditions.

#8. Salomon XDR 76 ST C Mens Skis

From the design to performance, these skis are built to glide on the snow all day long.

These skis have the potential to turn your little effort into a mind-blowing performance. They feature a rocker tip, an underfoot chamber, and an easy rise tail to provide the functions that you have been longing for.

To keep your grip firm, it has the easytrak 2 mounting plates that can firmly adhere to your bindings to give you the hassle-free functionality. To provide your skis with the maximum power, they have a titanium insert running the length underfoot which also enhances hard snow edging.

These skis have the amazing dampening and vibration absorption because of the special basalt layer present within. Overall, with these skis, you can have the best in the mountain without any doubt.

Questions and Answers

How to Improve Your Mogul Skiing?

Mogul skiing is a set of different skills and not only one. There are so many things to do to improve your mogul skiing.

  1. Take control of your speed:

Speed plays a major part in mogul skiing. The fast speed is not recommended at all. When the speed is in your control, it becomes easy to make the move around the moguls. If the speed increases after initials moguls, you cannot control and may spin.

  1. Pre-select the mogul line:

Preselecting the mogul line will make it easy for you because it will help you to follow a regular pattern with rhythm. Directly entering the field without selecting the line will make things difficult and you have to think and react instantly over every bump.

Selecting a line doesn’t mean that it will have consistent moguls; you must be ready for the variation. There will be the moguls that are big while some are small. You must have the ability to tackle the moguls of different shapes and sizes.

  1. Give it Some Time:

You cannot learn to mogul skiing right away. With the bumps in the way, you need to be patient. Try to work together with your knees, ankles, and hips and slide over some moguls to improve your skills.

Are Shorter Skis Better for Moguls?

It is easy to use shorter skis than longer because of so many reasons. The shorter ski comes with a smaller turning radius which leads to the lowering time in the fall line and the outcome is slower and better skiing. Shorter skis are easy to control overall. But still, it is the sole choice of the skier to choose whichever he or she likes.

How to Ski Moguls Slowly?

To ski moguls slowly, you need to start slow. For that, don’t point your skis straightly to the slope; instead, keep the skis at an angle. Take the turn slowly otherwise, you won’t be able to take control over the next mogul. You can control your speed by extending your legs when you slide your tails when it comes to the next turn. When the speed seems out of control, you can stop and then think where to head and have a slow start.

How Long Should Mogul Skis Be?

The length of the mogul skis depends on the way you want to ski. If you want to ski faster, then going for the longer skis is recommended. However, it is not possible to turn as quickly as you can on the longer skis than the shorter ones. Most mogul skiers use the shorter skis; when we say shorter it means really the short one.

Your age and skiing duration also contribute to the selection of the length. The longer skis are faster and take you down the slope at a rapid speed which is fine when the slope is plain, but with moguls, it is not entirely possible. Professional skiers also go for the shorter skis. The average length for the men is 150cm – 160cm, while for the women, it is 146cm to 150 cm. According to the experts, these numbers are irrespective of the age, height, and weight of the skier. Also, these lengths tend to improve balance, control speed, and give more confidence. Furthermore, they also make it easy to ski on the diverse sized moguls.

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How to Choose the Best Skis forMogul

Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (11)

Selecting the best mogul skis is highly essential to enjoy the full essence of the game. Mogul skiing is fun but needs a lot of attention and focus which is only possible by selecting the correct skis. When it comes to purchasing the right mogul skis, there are different factors involved.

  1. The correct length:

The mogul skis are shorts than the normal skis. It is because they need to have a reduced turning radius which gives the full control to the skier. As the turns are under control, skiing becomes easy.

  1. The right width:

The skinny the width is, the more it will be manageable. That means, your mogul ski should not be very wide as they will help to maintain the directness. Mogul skiing asks for making turns by using your knee angle and not the hip angle; using the thinner width will help in achieving this technique. It also adds up the very much needed flex.

  1. Aging experience:

Aging experience counts. If you are a beginner than remember that mogul skiing is not a good idea to initiate with. It is for experienced and expert skiers. The ski should be built keeping that in mind and must have all the advanced mogul skiing characteristics.

  1. Quality construction:

Most of the skis have the wood core with the intermesh network or external covering of tougher material like fiberglass. The quality construction provides your skis with the needed strength and flexibility. Also, the built will decide the pace, so choose wisely.

  1. High functionality:

From the grip to the glide, the skis should not affect the performance adversely. Check the grip and how well the skis take your command. There should not be any unwanted slippage as well and the skis should go smoothly on the snow. The narrow tip and tail also enhance the performance of the skiers.

Other than these, you must look for your budget. Mogul skis can cost you a few hundred bucks. The style and design should also meet your personality. There’s a huge versatility when it comes to colors and styles. The size selection is also a matter of your own choice. Every company offers diverse sizes in a single type of skis.


Mogul skiing is for the experts and requires a lot of practice. It is a challenging skiing type but has a lot of fun. With our chosen mogul skis, you can enjoy this wonderful sport and save your time as well that you would have spent in looking for the skis that can augment your mogul skiing experience.

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Best Mogul Skis 2022 2023 - Top 8 Skis to Enhance Your Skiing Experience (12)


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What skis are the Olympic mogul skiers using? ›

More Info... The 2022 Rossignol Hero Mogul Accelere Skis are a true FIS Athlete Ski. This is a race stock ski and built for the strongest of mogul skiers. You may recognize this ski as being on the podium at the Winter Olympics.

What skis do World Cup mogul skiers use? ›

Bump skis do not change drastically because they are used specifically for moguls and the overall design has proven to work well. Basically, mogul skis change when world-class mogul skiers ask for them to change.

Are longer or shorter skis better for moguls? ›

Shorter skis turn easier, particularly in the moguls. A shorter ski typically has a smaller turning radius which means that you will spend less time in the fall line and that results in slower skiing and better speed control.

What size skis are best for moguls? ›

An ideal mogul ski for recreational skiers is between 70mm-90mm underfoot, though some narrower or wider skis can also get the job done depending on other construction characteristics and the skill of the skier. Besides width, you'll also want to consider a ski's sidecut and flex profile.

Is mogul skiing hard on your body? ›

Knee injuries are the most common type of injury in mogul skiing, but they are not at all the only kind. Injuries usually occur from falling after a jump. It is not just the knees that are vulnerable in mogul skiing, but also the hips and back. Mogul skiers are also susceptible to concussions.

Why do mogul skiers wear knee pads? ›

In moguls, knee control is essential, so skiers' suits will often have a knee patch that is a different color from the rest of their pants. This is intended to draw the judge's attention to the skier's expertise.

Why do mogul skiers have black knees? ›

You better believe the athletes want the judge's attention to be on their knees. Mogul skiers understand something very important that many of us “don't know that we know”. Attention goes to contrast. The light / dark contrast of Hannah Kearney's knees, (above), will draw the attention of judges and spectators.

Why is mogul skiing hard? ›

Mogul runs are among the most demanding and exhausting terrains. No two moguls are the same, so skiers need to be able to react to each run's individual characteristics. This requires a high level of flexibility. High body tension as well as strong torso and thigh muscles are important for mogul skiers.

Can you carve on mogul skis? ›

Carving is an appropriate technique for groomed runs. But, to become a good mogul or powder skier, you want to do the opposite of carving – which is to learn how to ski using a lower edge angles between the skis and the snow.

How steep is a mogul run? ›

Typically, mogul courses are between 650 and 885 feet long with an average slope grade of 26 degrees.

Are wider skis harder to turn? ›

Backcountry skis are typically lighter than alpine skis, which is advantageous when climbing. They feature waist widths of approximately 80mm–120mm: Narrower waists make turning easier when skiing hard snow; wider waists work better in powder.

How long is too long for skis? ›

A good guideline is for the length of your skis to be between your chin and your nose. You don't want to go too long with skis as a beginner, as they will be more difficult to control and a lot less forgiving when those little mistakes and edge-catches happen.

Should a heavier person use longer skis? ›

Weight plays a part, too, because longer skis better distribute mass—especially in soft snow, in which additional surface area adds float. Heavier skiers also have more power to bend the ski, so a longer length will still feel manageable.

How do you survive moguls on skis? ›

Maintain balance: Keep your hands in front of you, stay limber and focus on your pole plants. Choose an easy line: The easiest way down a mogul field is to make your turns on top of the bumps. Choose a fast line: For a speedier descent, you'll ski around the moguls rather than on top of them.

Do mogul skiers damage their knees? ›

7 The impact from landing after performing aerial jump tricks makes mogul skiers especially prone to knee injuries.

Are lighter skis better for moguls? ›

One, they are less tiring. Skiing moguls takes a toll on your body in a hurry, and anyone who has done it knows that things don't get any easier once you're tired. That applies across the mountain, too. Lightweight skis can allow you to ski better longer.

How many calories do you burn skiing moguls? ›

I burned 1215 calories in the three hours, coming out to 405 calories an hour. Day 2, Medium Intensity: I headed to Aspen Mountain for a good mix of moguls and groomers. I burned 975 calories in 3 hours, which is 325 calories an hour.

What is the black stuff in the snow in moguls? ›

Black specks in the snow are known as springtails for a reason.

Should you keep knees together when skiing? ›

With your knees at shoulder width apart (moving towards the right) you are going to step out with your right foot, about 30cm (12 inches) then step the left foot. Try not to have your knees move closer than shoulder width apart which will help keep the band under tension.

Why do downhill skiers wear tape? ›

Several skiers have been spotted wearing athletic tape over their cheeks and noses to shield their faces from the harsh wind and severe temperatures. Many of them are wearing KT Tape, or kinesiology tape, an elastic sports tape originally created to support muscles and joints and provide drug-free pain relief.

Why is there grass on the moguls? ›

The plants are placed there to help ski jumpers' depth perception.

Are moguls natural or man made? ›

Moguls are a series of bumps on a piste formed when skiers push snow into mounds as they do sharp turns. This tends to happen naturally as skiers use the slope but they can also be constructed artificially.

Are moguls harder for skiers or snowboarders? ›

You may see skiers carving through mogul fields and think that they're easy for skiers, but the truth is that unless you're an experienced mogul skier then these parts of the mountain are difficult for skiers and snowboarders alike.

How fast are the skiers going on the moguls? ›

Moguls is one of the Winter Olympics' many judged events.

Competitors ski a roughly 770ft (235m) course of about 28° with two jumps in under 30 seconds.

How long does it take to learn to ski moguls? ›

On average, it takes around 10 weeks before you're confident on all types of runs, even the steepest blacks. But some people might get to this point quicker. Your parallel skiing should be flawless by now, with your skis side by side the whole way to make a smooth, linked turns.

Are stiffer skis harder to turn? ›

Why does stiffness matter? The most important thing you need to know is this: a stiffer ski needs more energy to bend and will reward you for that extra effort in turns and control. On the flipside, a softer ski will be easier to bend, but it won't give quite the same energy back.

Should you lean forward on skis? ›

A Small Skiing Myth

A small myth with skiing is that you have to lean forwards as much as you can, this is not true as just explained. You only need to lean forwards enough to put your centre of gravity over the middle of the ski.

Do wider skis go slower? ›

First, a bigger ski spreads out the pressure on the surface of the snow, creating less friction. Second, bigger skis dampen vibration, enabling them to bounce around less and stay on the snow longer, minimizing air resistance that can slow you down. Thus, the larger the ski, the faster you go.

Should older skiers use shorter skis? ›

The older you are the shorter your skis should be. Not because you are older but because there is a correlation between age and a general decline in strength, fitness level, durability and reflex speed. If you are more interested in balance and speed control than you are in speed you want to consider a shorter ski.

Is it harder to ski with longer skis? ›

Your skis' length and width affect how much surface area is in contact with the snow. Longer and wider skis have more float in soft snow and are much faster due to your weight being distributed across the larger surface area. The problem with these larger skis for beginners is that they are more difficult to control.

How do you tell if your skis are too big? ›

The general rule is for your skis to measure somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. With expert level skiers often choosing skis slightly above their head. SIZE SHORTER, CLOSER TO CHEST IF: Child's weight is less than average for their height.

Is skiing harder if overweight? ›

The pressure becomes even intense when you are overweight. So, if you are heavy and are skiing, do not push yourself too hard. Know the right positions for your Wight and enjoy skiing without any risk of injury. Nothing can keep your from skiing, not even a heavy body.

Where should my weight be when I ski? ›

Stay centred on your skis

The bindings on the skis are usually set a bit back from the middle, so you need to lean forward to get your weight to the middle of the ski, pushing with your shins on the front of the ski boots, this position lets you transmits your inputs to the ski much better.

Does weight Affect ski size? ›

Weight also plays a factor in deciding which skis you'll buy. A good rule of thumb is that, if you weigh less than the average for your height, you should opt for shorter skis. If you weigh more than average, you should opt for longer skis.

Is the mogul skiing in 2022 Olympics? ›

The men's moguls competition in freestyle skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics were held on 3 February (qualification) and 5 February (final), at the Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou. Walter Wallberg of Sweden won the event.

Who makes the Olympic mogul skis? ›

The ID One brand has become known for producing the world's best-performing bumps skis, carving out a niche for those at the top of the leg-shattering discipline of moguls skiing.

How steep are Olympic mogul runs? ›

Competitors take under 30 seconds to complete a course on a slope of around 28 degrees, and approximately 235m long, with the moguls spaced around 3.5m apart. There are air bumps at the top and bottom of the course, from which the competitors perform acrobatic jumps.

How are moguls groomed? ›

As skiers move down the mountain, they scrape snow off the downhill side of the moguls and push it to the uphill side. The same phenomenon occurs with brake lights in traffic, he said.

How do you control speed on moguls? ›

The Secret To Speed Control In Moguls Is To Drift Your Turns Instead Of Carve Your Turns.

Is it better to be lighter or heavier for ski jumping? ›

Body weight became a critical factor. The lighter a jumper was, the farther he could jump. Depending on the size of the hill used in competition, jumpers said, a weight loss of a kilogram, or 2.2 pounds, could result in added distance of two to four meters, or 6 ½ to 13 feet.

Do mogul skiers carve? ›

The mogul skiing control problem gets worse because mogul terrain, itself, naturally creates high edge angles between your skis and the snow – even if you are not trying to carve. And, these high edge angles produced by the 3-dimensional mogul terrain will typically cause your skis to carve.

What is the biggest ski brand? ›

Top 10 Skiing Brands
  • K2.
  • Rossignol.
  • Salomon.
  • Volkl.
  • Atomic.
  • Armada.
  • Nordica.
  • Line.


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